Running the race of life: June 2006

Running the race of life

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Week in the Life of a Franciscan Deacon

I've just completed my first week as a deacon. Wow, I could write so much but I'll just share a bit.

I believe the Lord blessed me deeply in the days leading up to Ordination. A vacation with good friends and a few days of retreat with my spiritual director were wonderful gifts in preparing to offer myself as fully as possible to the Lord.

Ordination day was graced and I simply tried to offer myself to the Lord. I truly sensed the gift of the Holy Spirit as the Bishop laid hands on my head. Perhaps the most moving part was witnessing the brother priests in attendance laying hands upon my friar brother who was ordained a priest.

The week was spent learning my new liturgical role and included making some funny mishaps- my microphone falling off my belt-clip as I reached for the Book of the Gospels! A second deacon came to my rescue!

This weekend I was honored to serve the Lord as a deacon at all of the Pentecost Masses at Holy Rosary Parish in Steubenville. Since I'll be working there this summer, they wanted me to be at all the Masses. It was spiritually energizing and also exhausting.

Thanks again for all the prayers. I ask for your continued prayers to simply keep my eyes on the Lord because thats what its all about!


I love Pentecost!

Its just my absolute favorite celebration in the life of the Church! I've always had a deep devotion to the Holy Spirit and felt the amazing richness of the third person of the Trinity.

In fact, if it was up to me (and thank goodness its not! :), I think I'd at least make it an octave in the Church calendar. Certainly, we spend much time preparing for it and thats a great gift. There's just too much to Pentecost for it to be over so quick.

Thank goodness that everyday is a day of receiving more fully of the Holy Spirit. May you and I continue to grow in the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives.